About Us

Company's History


We established a company for the sales of bearings in Luoyang.


To ensure quality control of the products sold, we purchased a number of measuring instruments and created a laboratory for 100% quality control of bearings sold by our company.


We established a foreign trade department and started work to promote our company outside China, Russia and Central Asia.


Our consumers had a desire to receive products directly at the doors of their company or at home. And since the client's desire, for us, is the law .... We create a transport department and, in the same year, we carry out an experimental motor transportation delivery of bearings from China to Russia.


Due to the opening of the direction of auto delivery, our company's turnover increased by 200%, both in the domestic market and in external markets (Russia, Central Asia)


On the area of 77000㎡ the construction of QIBR plant was started.


Buildings construction for QIBR plant. Make agreement with European manufacturers for the supply of equipment.


Commissioning of the production workshop.


Use the new workshop we produced a pilot batch of ball bearings. Among them we test 6028 bearing in laboratory and obtain the certificate of product quality from China National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Bearings. Organize serial production of ball bearings that reached the designed capacity.


Introduced automatic production lines for production of roller bearings (with iron, conical cylindrical). Sign contracts for delivering of ball bearings with companies such as BELAZ. Test roller bearings in China National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Bearings laboratory.


We are able to make bearings according to GOST520-2011, ISO 9001. And also according to customer's drawings, produce 1million bearings per year??? We did it!!!


Purchased 2 automatic production lines for the production and assembly of bearings, which increased the volume of output by 60%.


Acquisition and commissioning of an automatic heat treatment production line.


Until today, the quality of our products has been appreciated by customers in more than 30 countries (Russia, Iran, Turkey, Spain, etc.)