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On-time Delivery of First Million US Dollar Order from Latvia in Eastern Europe

2019/2/14 18:12:16


In March 2018, PSYZC Bearing met a large bearing manufacturer in Latvia through the exhibition.During the exhibition, the company showed great interest in several hot products and related accessories of QIBR bearings.


After the exhibition, the company's purchasing supervisor contacted our company's European sales manager. After repeated communications, the company placed some sample orders to us.


After receiving the sample bearings, they tested them. The results are that parameters of our bearings are higher than those required by the customer and they are very satisfied with this. In October 2018, the company placed an approximately USD 1,000,000 order of bearing components to us.  


This order is acritical chance for PSYZC company to enter the Eastern European bearing market. Our managements put a high attention on this order. From raw material procurement to forging of each steel ring, it is required that the quality inspection department to monitor in the whole process.



In order to meet the customer's requirements for cracks in the inner and outer rings of the bearing, QIBR engineers selected advanced bainite heat treatment equipment from abroad to ensure that each steel ring reliabl                                                                                              



After three months of hard working, QIBR company smoothly delivered the goods to the customer on time.



After the cargo arrived, the customer did a spot-sample test. The test sample reached the P5 level, higher than the customer’s required P6 level. They are very satisfied with the order, and we have made a cooperation plan for next three years.