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PSYZC invited to share trade experience to graduates of Luoyang University (LIT)

2019/3/8 13:17:10


On March 7, 2019, PSYZC was invited by Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology to visit the international languages school and share international business experience to graduates of

international language school. We are greeted by teacher and the students.


PSYZC is a leading enterprise in international business. Members of international business team are from famous universities and colleagues, with young ages. The company's annual export

volume is leading at all private enterprises in the city. Every graduation season, QIBR receives invitations from local universities to share our international business experiences.


PSYZC provides a great support to this activity, we arrange our Commercial & Operation Director Mr.Chen Yan and other deputy managers of international business to attend. Sales manager

Mrs.Maris with 7 years experience of international business, who graduated and majored in international business of Lomonosov Moscow State University, and has an original view on orders

from CIS countries. At the beginning, Mrs.Maria talked her experience of studying abroad, which attract great interests among students. Then she analyzed the current international

situation and forecast the future directions for the development of international business.During the speech, the students gave her a round of applause.


After Mrs.Maria's speech, our sales manager Miss Nina began to give her speech regarding choice of occupation after graduation. She graduated from St. Petersburg University and has more than 3 years experience in international business. Miss Nina likes to make jokes, the students laugh a lot during her speech. Nina spoke in detail about the daily work of international business and answered questions from students after graduation. She received unanimous praises from students.


Two hours passed unknowingly in cheers and laughter, the activity was over, and students were fascinated to leave. The school leaders expressed their gratitude to international business team of PSYZC, hoped to carry out such activities frequently. Mr. Chen said that our company would combine with the university to help the students obtaining more practice knowledges of international business.