Customer case

Successful final test of the agricultural machinery with overall QIBR bearings

2019/8/16 17:06:57

On August 16, 2019, an agricultural machinery manufacturer client of us in Southeast Asia test did the final test of their machinery in the test field with PSYZC bearings. The results turned out QIBR is fully stable and reliable during the whole test process. PSYZC chief engineer Mr. Chen Hao follow the whole test process, and communication with the client in a video chat way.

This order was started in March 2018, it took almost a year to design, test the bearings on the agriculture machine. 3 different samples are sent during this process. The initial annual purchasing amount would be about 1 million US dollars, which is a big step of us into the agriculture machinery market.

After the final test, the engineering team and management team gave us highly complimentary remarks, and asked their purchasing chief to move forward with this first batch of purchasing.