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Common problems and solutions of slewing bearings (Part 3)

2022-03-28 09:38:00

Abnormal Noise

(1) The slight abnormal noise when the new product is idling will generally disappear after dozens of turns. If it does not disappear, it may be caused by slight deformation of the slewing bearing during transportation.

(2) After the assembly, there is abnormal noise in the trial operation. It should be checked whether the installation surface is flat and meets the requirements, or the large and small gears are poorly meshed, and the meshing at the maximum position of the tooth jump is too tight to produce abnormal noise.

(3) Abnormal noise occurs during use,

There is a lack of grease in the raceway, and the rolling element collides with the spacer to make a sound, which can be eliminated after filling in oil in time;

At the same time, attention should also be paid to whether the sealing strip is damaged; the loose mounting bolts will cause elastic deformation of the slewing bearing, and negative gaps will be generated at the deformed position.