One of the core industrial bearings of QIBR, the strongest support for your industry!

QIBR Slewing Bearing OEM/ODM

Extremely strict production requirements,
only for the best performance of slewing bearing

More than 20 years of experience in the slewing bearing design enables our engineering team to customize specific slew bearing according to customer’s working, operating condition and special requirements.

Our production rang is from small single-row ball slewing bearing for light duty applications to large three-row roller slewing bearing for heavy duty applications, and medium gear bearings between them.

Our professional services include:

  • Door-to-door measuring and drawing
  • Predictive maintenance management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Bearing repair and reconstruction
  • CAD drawing design
  • Marking
  • Personnel training
  • Maintenance manuals and suggestions

When QIBR produces slewing bearings, the extreme conditions of the operating environment are fully considered to ensure reliability and durability even under extreme loads.

Strict material selection

QIBR slewing bearings are all made from forgings material produced by China's top steel brand BX, which are equal to or better than original parts in terms of quality and warranty. At the same time, we can also adjust the bearing material according to the performance effect and usage monitoring situation.

Design capability

QIBR top level engineers can design slewing bearings for you according to your demand or actual usage, and provide you with detailed drawings.

High standard production equipment

QIBR It has more than 20 sets of processing equipment, including vertical turning lathes, drilling machine, horizontal lathe, hardening machine, stablizing furnance, tempering furance, gear shaping machine etc. We can produce bearing diameter ranging from 200mm to 8000mm.

Reliable packaging and delivery

For common slewing bearings, we will respond quickly with inventory, while customized slewing bearings rely on our mature production system and are delivered in time according to contract terms.

Experienced technical support

Our engineering team provides application project solution of slewing bearing, such as 3D modeling, 2D drawings, FEA and technical manual assistance.

Competitive price

Different from other companies, While we pursue the production of high-quality slewing bearings, we are trying best to reduce production costs, at the same time, reducing operation costs for customers with our years of experience in this sector.

QIBR brings you:

  • Reliable, affordable and efficient solution

  • Completely maintenance-free slewing ring and small slewing ring

  • Design based on high wear resistance

  • Easy installation with interchangeable sliding pads

  • Ideal for use in environments requiring high rigidity and high load capacity

  • Available in stainless steel version

  • Different sizes are available to meet the requirements of large or small slewing bearings

  • A variety of accessories are available