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Since the establishment of QIBR's slewing bearing division in 2002, we have pursued applying QIBR's engineering experience and expertise to solve the world's most complex slewing bearing problems.

Rich industry experience and top production equipment enable us to bring more reliable and stable products to more and more customers in the field of slewing bearings.

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Wind Turbine

Ships And Warships

Construction Machinery

Radar/Military Industry

Hoisting Machinery

Metallurgical Machinery

Medical Instruments

Transport Machinery

Mining Machinery

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We have the industry's advanced testing and analysis laboratory, and complete set testing tools and equipment, such as caliper, micrometer, block gauge, hardness tester, flaw detector, width meter etc.

We have always adopted international quality system standards, strictly comply with the quality requirements of products, from raw materials to manufacturing control, measurement equipment calibration, personnel qualification assessment, quality control at every step and process to ensure the continuous and stable supply of excellent products.

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Precautions for loading, unloading and storage and transportation of slewing bearing 2021.08.12

1.The slewing bearing must be carefully installed and removed.2.The transportation and storage should be placed horizontally, and the storage must be placed in a dry room.3.Lifting should be done with lifting ring screws in a horizontal way, and do not collide, especially in the radial direction.4. The outer surface of the slewing bearing is coa...

Common problems and solutions of slewing bearings (Part 3) 2022.03.28

Abnormal Noise(1) The slight abnormal noise when the new product is idling will generally disappear after dozens of turns. If it does not disappear, it may be caused by slight deformation of the slewing bearing during transportation.(2) After the assembly, there is abnormal noise in the trial operation. It should be checked whether the installat...

Common problems and solutions of slewing bearings (Part 2) 2022.02.09

ShakeAfter the slewing bearing is loaded, its clearance is about 3-5 times that of the factory inspection (three-point inspection method), and it can continue to be used within this range.(1) The mounting bolts are loose, causing shaking during work. Immediately check all inner and outer ring mounting bolts and tighten as required.(2) The rigidi...

Common problems and solutions of slewing bearings (Part 1) 2022.01.13

Broken toothReasons:(1) The backlash of the large and small gears is improperly adjusted during installation.(2) Failure to adjust the meshing clearance with the pinion at the maximum position of the tooth jump as required, resulting in a stuck and broken tooth during operation.(3) The axes of the large and small gears are not parallel or the mo...

Common problems and solutions of slewing bearings (Part 4) 2022.04.28

Rotation of the slewing bearing is not flexible.(1) The idling of newly purchased products is not flexible.Remedy: If it can run after afterburning and there is no other abnormality, it can be used normally.(2) The operation is not flexible after installation.Solution:• Re-process the installation plane of the main engine to make the installatio...

Preventive measures for rusting of slewing bearing 2021.09.22

1. Immersion methodFor small bearings, it can be soaked in anti-rust grease to reduce the chance of rusting.2, brushing methodFor some larger slewing bearings, the soaking method cannot be used, and it can be brushed. When brushing, pay attention to evenly smear on the surface of the slewing bearing, so as not to cause accumulation and leakage.3...